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Rod S

Excellent balance of theory vs practical

Good practical examples – show & tell

both Terry and Alan excellent practical knowledge

enjoyed this training – very much one of the better ones cheers

Frank M.

“It was great to obtain my DG and RB licences from WAATA. I felt that I obtained enough assistance from the trainer (Don Sly) to strengthen my professional skills and experience. I was very impressed with him because he was very patient with the learners (especially me when it came to tying the relevant knots). The courses have been an invaluable experience. Don and WAATA has allowed me to reflect on my overall experience as a Safety Advisor. I have benefited both personally and professionally from completing the courses, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Don. This experience has made me better prepared to understand the dogging/rigging activities at the workplace. A trainer’s vocational competency means that they have the particular skills and knowledge relevant to the industry area in which they are delivering. The training product identifies the competencies that the relevant industry requires. In my opinion, Don definitely has the skills and knowledge that are relevant to Dogging and Rigging. I am looking forward to obtaining further skills and knowledge from WAATA. Thank you.”

Mel B.

Price was great & included everything, Rod was knowledgeable, informal, relaxed & not stressful.

Fantastic course, great day at work. I like that you take care of all the WorkSafe paperwork as well. Will be recommending it for sure.