Overhead Gantry Crane

Our course is structured to enable you to comply with the requirements of the WHS/OHS acts in providing training to your employees. This covers the operation of an overhead gantry crane with 3 or less movements. Whilst a High Risk Work Licence is not required to operate these cranes, employers have a duty of care responsibility to provide systems of work and information, instruction and training to their employees who operate them.

A licensed dogger will be required in the use of a bridge or gantry crane where the load is outside the clear view of the crane operator OR when applying slinging techniques for the purposes of lifting a load. Operators of bridge or gantry cranes cannot dog their own load if the situation requires a licensed dogger.

For Employers
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On-Site Only
Comply with WHS Requirements
Reduce Workplace Error
Increase Worker Efficiency
Learn Current Skills
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Course Overview – Overhead Gantry Crane

Your employees will be taught the necessary skills to plan, prepare and complete Overhead Gantry work. This will include;

This course will cover the following topics:

Definitions and licencing requirements
Pre-operational inspection and safety checks
Hazard identification / Risk assessment
Planning the lift
Transferring the load
Use of lifting gear
Shutdown procedures
Emergency procedures

This course is suitable for anyone with the ability to understand, read and write English to a satisfactory level for working in Australia.

On successful completion of this course participants will be presented with a Participation Certificate.