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Do you want to work in the construction or mining industry?

Completing your White Card training is mandatory if you want to work on a construction site, and some mine sites. This course will teach you how to spot the hazards, assess the risk and make the changes to keep you safe at work. When successful you will be given your Worksafe issued White Card to take home on the same day.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained an understanding of how to identify potential workplace hazards and know what actions need to be taken for safety. You can complete this training in just one day with our experienced professionals – so there’s no excuse not to get started today!

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About The Course

CPCWHS1001 Prepare to Work safely in the construction industry
This course is delivered over a 2-6 hour duration (depending on experience)
The total cost is $115

On-site and in-house group bookings are also available upon request

Available on request:
We can provide White Card training and assessment for an additional $70 with any High Risk Licence course.
Please ask at reception on course commencement

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Interested students/applicants will need to fill out WA Advanced Training Academy’s
Construction Training Fund (CTF) Application Form and “pay the gap” at the time of booking a
course with us.  To apply, click CTF-Claim-Participant-Form download and complete the form. Once complete, forward to admin@waata.com.au for clarification of your eligibility and processing.

CPCWHS1001 Prepare to Work safely in the construction industry

You will be gain basic OHS/WHS knowledge required prior to undertaking designated work tasks within any of the sectors within the construction industry as specified by the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work (ASCC 2007).

Course Details

One of the key benefits of the WA white card that you are issued is that it is accepted and approved for use in WA, NSW, SA, NT, ACT, QLD, VIC & TAS By Safework Australia.
This course will cover the following topics:

Our white card courses run for a period of four hours or if a blue card was held by completing the written assessment. On successful completion the white card will be issued on the spot.

This course is suitable for anyone with the ability to understand, read and write English to a satisfactory level for working in Australia.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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